Vipassana: My experience

In March 2018, one of my friend shared his experience and that made me so inspired to visit and join a 10 days course of Vipassana meditation. So I just filled the application form online and waiting for the confirmation from

The day I got their confirmation, one side I was so happy and other side I was so scared because I had never been alone anywhere. Although I was willing to travel alone because from my soul I am a solo traveler. My brother was so supportive in this and he was successful to convince my parents to visit at that place for not a single day but for whole 10days.

Most interesting thing is that you can not use your phones there. So anyhow I’ve reached there at Igatpuri center which is also known as world’s largest Dhamma center.

10 days of Vipassana

Day 1

This day we were taught about the 5 rules of Vipassana which we all have to follow. My day 1 was so good, I met new people and introduced myself. They were also curious and quite nervous about the next 9 days. Volunteers were so disciplined and tremendously doing their work of organizing this event.

Day 2

On this day we were being taught the process of “Anapana”. It seems simple but actually it is quite difficult to control your thoughts and focus on one point. I was actually enjoying this time as I already had a habit of sitting in the meditation posture.

Day 3

“More vigilance leads to more into meditation” that’s what we learnt on the third day. Now the focus are is smaller than the previous one. The pain in the back and multiple thoughts were the main enemies.

Day 4

It was an important day because we had learnt a new technique today. We were taught to focus and feel all the sensations happening on our body. It should be from Head to Toe and toe to head in the sequence. It is important to do in the sequence because we need to maintain the attention.

Day 5

Today I was like I am falling in the dark area of my own system that experience was so amazing. I saw my inner system but on the other hand I was also confused that it is my imagination. Regardless of anything this was my good day.

Day 6

A very popular phrase “Practice makes a man perfect” which I really felt here. More practice of sadhna makes you a good sadhak. Nothing is more beautiful than a spiritual journey which you follow in your life. In these days I realized we feel so many sensations on our body inside and outside as well. I can’t share so many things in this blog otherwise it will be converted in a book but yes I have this much of experience in these 10 days.

Day 7

We were introduced to Dhamma cells which are only made up for intense meditation. These cells are small in size and have pin drop silence. Sometimes you only can hear the sound of birds chirping and the sound of air. I got goose bumps while writing and remembering my this experience.

Day 8

Now I was understanding the whole process of this Vipassana meditation. You just need to know all your system, the sensations occurring all the time and the thoughts which are creating and destroying on every moment. To watching and understanding the

Day 9

Till the 9th day I was used of the whole day schedule. Now I was doing everything with my pure soul. Initially morning sessions were like

Day 10

“Metta Day or Maitri Divas” A most beautiful, memorable and a happiest day of my life.

All I can say for Vipassana Meditation is that once in a lifetime you must experience this tremendous journey of 10 days of Vipassana meditation.