Life Stories

An incident from Saint Tulsi Das Ji’s life

Saint Tulsi Das Ji was in a deep love with his wife. He loved her so much and because of that he never allowed her to go at her Father’s place.

One day when he was not at home her wife jump at a chance and reached her home. When Tulsi Das Ji returned home from the market he became distraught after not finding her wife at home.

It was midnight, it was heavily raining and the flow of Yamuna was increasing very fast. The night was so dark that it couldn’t feel the touch of hands. Out of love for his wife, without thinking anything, Tulsi Das ji went to his in-laws. By swimming in Yamuna he reached his Father-in-law’s home. All the gates were closed and there was a snake hanging on the back wall of the house, thinking it was a rope, he grabbed its tail and climbed up.

Her wife got scared, after a while she realized that it was her husband only. She was shocked that her husband came to meet her just because he cannot live without her. She was very angry on him and her words was as sharp as arrows, she said “my dear husband shame on you, shame on you after struggling with this high storm in this midnight you just came here to meet your wife only in your lust. You say this is love, if you really had this love for God then all your work would be in the spiritual direction. This material world would be at your feet”.

Saint Tulsi Das Ji was already had his spiritual journey in the past life also he had done lot of good things in this life. All those good Karmas collected at that moment and he realized his mistake and was grateful to his wife for realizing him the reality of this material world. He decided to spend his rest of the life in the service of Lord Rama.

This incident of Saint Tulsi Das Ji remind us that your devotion(Bhakti) will always start again from that point where you have stopped. You do not have to start it again from the initial point.